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About Fuller Hill

Our Mission

Welcome to Fuller Hill Child Care Center. Our Mission is to offer a high quality, early childhood educational program and a loving caring environment for all children
who attend. We foster trust and growth by showing respect for each child as a unique individual with different backgrounds, interests, needs and abilities. We operate full-service infant, toddler, young preschool and pre-school programs. We are happy to have you join us and look forward to getting acquainted with your family.



It is our belief that:

  • Children have the right to a safe and secure environment.

  • Children have a right to engage in developmentally appropriate activities.

  • Children require emotional, intellectual, and physical stimulation.

  • Children benefit from a shared effort between home and school.


To accomplish this we:

  • Provide caring adult supervision and a variety of well-maintained equipment.

  • Provide diverse activities and developmentally appropriate learning materials through “hands-on” experience and teacher assisted activities.

  • Provide time and space for each child to pursue activities that interest him/her.

  • Provide opportunities for independence, responsibility, initiative, competence and cooperation.

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